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Duhat/Java Plum

Duhat or Lomboy/Java Plum
Suzygium Cumini
Duhat or Lomboy is a fruit native to the Philippines, and other tropical countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.
The fruit is ovoid in shape, green in color then turns into black when ripe and leaves a stain in your mouth when eaten. The stain in clothes would be permanent. Every fruit has a big seed inside. Duhat is normally eaten fresh in the Philippines. We sprinkle sea salt on the fruits. Somehow it tastes better because duhat has a sweet and sour taste that makes your lips go pucker.
Some makes red wine out of duhat just like grapes.
Duhat is a seasonal fruit usually in the summer time.
I like duhat when it is over ripe and soft because it is much sweeter.
Nutrition wise, research analysis shows duhat has calcium and iron and recently being studied as a cure for diabetes.

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